Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Seven More CCSS/SAT Twitter Math Challenges

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1. Circle has center (0,0), radius 2. Line y=1 intersects circle at P and Q. PQ=?
(A)1 (B)√3 (C)2 (D)2√2 (E)2√3

(a) On a number line, how many positive integers are "closer" to 500 than to 1000?
b) Express the condition in (a) as an inequality using absolute values.

3. If the avg of 2 #'s is n, n>0, and the smaller # is 25% of the larger, the smaller # is what % of n?

4. For how many numbers x is the square of x equal to the opposite of x?

5. For how many integer values of x is |50-x| < 10?

6. A set of integers, T, has the property that if x is in T then x^2-1 is also in T. What is the least possible number of #'s in T?

7. Three-eighths of a candle's material remains after burning for 8 hrs. At this rate how many hrs for the rest to melt?

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