Friday, September 12, 2014

Six more Free Twitter CCSS/SAT questions...

Free Twitter CCSS/SAT Problems with complete solutions sent to your inbox ending in 18 days on 9-30-14. You know what you have to do...

1. List in order the ten 5-digit pos int containing 3 nines & 2 eights?
Explain connection to 5C2.
Is this open-ended?

2. The median of 100 different integers is 100. If the numbers are in increasing order and the 50th # is 83 what is the 51st #? Explain/show...

3. Rectangle has integer sides and area=96
(a) How many possible perimeters?
(b) Greatest perim? Least? L=? W=?

4. Data:4,6;mean:5
Avg diff from mean= ((4-5)+(6-5))/2=?
Repeat for 3,7
Common name for √v?

5. From the brilliant #xkcd...

Sneeze droplet: 200 million germs. Hand sanitizer kills 99.99%. How many live? No calculator-15 seconds!

6. Least positive odd integer with 8 factors?
Strategy: Make it ____
2 factors:3
4: 15 or 3×5

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