Saturday, September 6, 2014

Free Twitter CCSS/SAT Problems/Solutions ending on 9-30

Right now it's still free to have these sent to your inbox. Blogger Contact Form must be filled out with all requested info. See

After that date by subscription only...

More Recent Twitter Problems (

1. Right circ cylinder: base circumf 16π. If greatest distance between bases=20, volume =kπ, k=?

2. #ImplementTheCore

Median of 1st 1000 pos even int's?
Name of strategy one could use?

Free soln?

3. If area between 2 concentric circles=area of smaller circle then Larger radius:Smaller radius=?
Ans: √2:1
Free soln to inbox?

2^100-1 must be div by
I. 2^10-1
II. 2^50-1
III. 2^50+1

Sometimes "free" actually means free!

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