Monday, September 8, 2014


Circle has center (0,0), radius 2. Line y=1 intersects circle at P and Q. PQ=?

(A)1 (B)√3 (C)2 (D)2√2 (E)2√3

I'm sorry to keep reminding my readers that free detailed solutions to all current Twitter problems can be sent to your inbox if you request it via Blogger Contact Form.

As any of my followers know, I've posted hundred of free problems on my blog and on Twitter for a very long time. However I have omitted answers and solutions to many of these.

For the past month I have offered to send free detailed solutions of these to your inbox if requested.  I will continue to do so until the end of this month. After that I will continue to post problems but solutions will be available only via paid subscription.

In addition to solutions those on the mailing list can confirm that I'm also including alternate methods and specific references to the Mathematical Practices of the Common Core and strategies for implementing CCSS. This is my commitment to our teachers and our children.

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