Sunday, January 13, 2008

Updates Week of 1-14-08

Lots of loose ends...

Nice links including a couple from MathNotations.

(1) The math contest problem from the other day now has one possible solution posted - you need to scroll down quite a ways. There are some interesting comments to look at also, but my solution is not in the comments section. Check out tc's and Joshua's approaches.

(2) A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO SOL at wildabout math.
I am very grateful to Sol for highlighting MathNotations.
Sol has an excellent site that reveals his passion for mathematics and sharing it with students and adults alike. This is a must for anyone who loves math!

(3) A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO DENISE at Let's play math!
Denise selected MathNotations as one of her favorite blogs in her Math Bloggers Hall of Fame post from a few weeks ago. Denise knows she will always be one of my favorites as well!

I'm awaiting the Mimio technology I mentioned a few weeks ago. When I receive it, I plan on learning how to use it to produce some rudimentary videocasts or 'math casts.' I've seen a few high quality ones online and I feel like this is a direction that makes sense for me. Surely this makes more sense than for me to stand in front of a digital camcorder and pretend to be teaching a lesson! This has recently been discussed over at Sol's excellent site, wildaboutmath. He has already developed some nice math videos I recommend you watch. This is a promising direction for the future that is currently in its infancy. Another excellent example of high quality math videos can be found at isallaboutmath. I've contacted the author of these outstanding videos that present math lessons in Flash, all with a touch of history.

(5) If you have a youngster who is struggling to learn the times tables or wants to get ahead, I strongly recommend you test drive Timez Attack, which I recently reviewed. I don't get anything from this other than the satisfaction of knowing I might be helping some child or frustrated parent out there. I believe that this is an exceptional product, particularly for the child with learning disabilities. Parents, math supervisors, educators, and directors of special services and other child study team members may want to check this out.

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