Tuesday, January 1, 2008

'Feed Me, See More' MathNotations in '08!

Puns are bad way to kick off the New Year, but, given the RSS problems I've been having with my posts feed I had to do something to turn it around! Well, my first New Year's resolution was to fix the problem and I believe I have. If you had not been receiving my feed for some time, it should be ok now. Of course, many of you have re-subscribed using the icons in the sidebar.

Some updates on 1-1-08:
(1) Please share your thoughts about your favorite math teacher. Perhaps the comments section of this post from the other day is not an appropriate forum but that's all I had available at this point. Someone probably has already created such a website!
(2) The Bingo post is getting some attention even during holiday time. I will be expanding on that but I await your thoughts.
(3) Did you notice the new Mystery Math Idol to kick off '08? This should prove difficult as he is not a household name for most, but his genius is still being recognized by algebraists and number theorists (hint, hint, wink, wink).
(4) The State of the Blog address -- I'd be interested in your thoughts about what you enjoy best about MathNotations. What changes would you like to see? What to keep? I've gone off in dozens of new directions but the meat and potatoes of this blog is still discussions of problems, concepts and instructional strategies.
(5) I'll be introducing Mimio technology shortly, perhaps some Mathematica Demonstrations, and reviewing an exceptional piece of software for helping students master their Times Tables. More videos too! Coming soon!

Have a healthy and happy!

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