Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Favorite Ole and Lena Math Joke

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A few years ago we visited our niece and nephew in Minnesota and fell under the magical spell of the land of 1000 lakes. Minnesotan's self-deprecating humor is refreshing, innocent and, as corny as it may appear, I am proud to say I enjoy it!

There are even websites you can visit to read Ole and Lena jokes which have been around since the first immigrants arrived.

Here is one of my favorites from the book, Ole and Lena, Live via satellite, Adventure Publications (in Scandinavian vernacular):

Littler Ole: Our math teacher tought she could stump us with a hard question. She asked, "Dis may take you a vhile to figure, but how many seconds are dere in a year?"

Lena: Dat must haf taken a lot of figuring, Little Ole.

Littler Ole: No, I hardly had to tink. I told her twelve.

Lena: Twelve?

Littler Ole: January 2nd, February 2nd, March 2nd,...

Ok, stop groaning now and admit it made you smile!


Michael said...

I like that one but here is one for you...

What did the Square say to the circle?

"Your life is pointless..."

Dave Marain said...

Here are a couple of lame attempts...
It's time to straighten yourself out.
You'll never take the right path in life!

Ok, now for yours...