Sunday, January 27, 2008

Reminder: Be part of the NEW MathNotations Poll on Multiplication!

I'm posting this again (and I will probably be posting frequent updates over the next 30 days) to make sure everyone knows there is now a poll in the sidebar! The original post explaining this is here. Please choose the option that most closely matches your feelings about which multiplication algorithm(s) should be taught in Grades 3-5 as well as the issue of mastery.

I believe you're only allowed to vote once. After you submit the vote, the current tally is updated and the results appear in the sidebar in place of the survey options (only snippets may appear). Pls let me know if you're having difficulty reading the 4 options before voting.

This poll is an opportunity for your voice to be heard regarding a critical issue in mathematics education. I hope you will participate.

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