Tuesday, May 8, 2012

135 and 144 are very special but why...

Mark James is our first winner today and he already has received his prize! Two to go...
Charles Drake Poole is our 2nd winner!
Joshua Zucker is our 3rd and final winner! Congratulations! First if you haven't seen my QuadAnagrams and Trianagrams on Twitter, I'll start you off with a fairly easy Triple- or TriAnagram.2

I opened my mouth ----- but my ----- braces still felt -----.

Object:  Replace the dashes with 3 different 5-letter words which are anagrams of each other.

First 3 to email me at dmarain at gmail dot com with the solution to my TriAnagram and the unique property shared by 135 and 144 will receive a free copy of my new Math Challenge Problem Quiz Book.

Ok, back to asking your students the bigger question:

What makes 135 and 144 so special!

1)  Have them work individually or in pairs?
2)  Use calculator?
3)  Get them started or ask someone for an idea?
4) What if they say 144 is a perfect square?  Does the question imply that the properties must apply to both? Should I have made it clearer in the wording of the problem or is the word and sufficient to convey that?
5)  The really unusual property I'm looking for is only shared by 0,1,135 and 144. Good luck finding it!

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