Tuesday, May 29, 2012

1,-3,9,-27,... Investigation

No matter where you introduce a lesson on geometric sequences, we can always begin with definitions, rules and formulas. 

The alternative is to build on student intuition and natural curiosity by asking them to write their own observations and questions they would like to have answered.

Imaginary Scenario (or is it?)

Jack: Mom, all the terms are just powers of 3 or their opposites, right?

Mom (Jane): Write your hypothesis, test it and let me know.

If your students or your son is not 15 year old Jack Andraka, here are some suggestions...

1.  What are the next 3 terms?
2.  If the 99th term is x, write an expression for the 100th term? (Recursive thinking)
3.  Which terms are positive? Negative?
4.  Write an expression for the nth term.
5.  How would we graph the sequence?
6.  Are the terms of the sequence increasing? Decreasing? Both? Neither?
7.  Which terms of the sequence are greater than a million? A trillion? Less than -1000000?

Another Imaginary Scenario (or is it?)

Uh, show me where this topic is in the CCSSM.
Uh, where does it say I have to ask all these questions?
Jack who?

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