Saturday, November 15, 2008

Update on Videos...

Sorry for some of the confusion here. Apparently, Blogger did accept the complete video of the Calculus Video Pt. 2: Related Rates. All 16+ minutes! Therefore, I deleted the 3 segments that had appeared below the first one (which repeated in segments what appeared in the first one). Since many of you read my posts in Google Reader or something similar, I would imagine that you do not see edits that I sometimes make to posts after they are published. It would be helpful to me if you could comment on this and let me know how edits do appear in a reader. I'm guessing you only see the original.

I would also appreciate it if you could let me know about the quality of the audio/video as it appears in your browser. I use Firefox and it seems ok although, when compressed in iMovie and by Blogger, the video of course loses some quality. These videos are low-tech, amateurish with an inexpensive digital camcorder and with less than professional lighting! I think the inexpensive chalkboard, my children's chalk and a dishrag for a towel are the true finishing touches! Despite all of this, I'm hoping that some might derive some benefit from these.

For teachers, the Pt. 1 video was intended to demonstrate multiple representations (aka, The Rule of Four): The problem and solution of finding the equations of the tangent lines were expressed verbally, symbolically (algebraic), graphically (the parabola), and numerically using a tabular approach to x, y and dy/dx. This approach was very important to me and I strongly advocate its use in the classroom. And, yes, it was all done without calculator technology, although the graphing calculator (with ViewScreen) would enhance the lesson.

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