Friday, November 14, 2008

Calculus Video Pt2 - 11-14-08: Related Rates

As promised, here is a video of a related rate application. This one is fairly straightforward but it does demonstrate the procedure to follow when doing the more sophisticated types.

These videos build on the foundation videos I posted which developed the Leibnitz form of the derivative and the Chain Rule as well as the basics of implicit differentiation. I strongly encourage the student to view these first. If you're more familiar with the topic and want a quick review, then start anywhere!

As always, I depend on my readers to make suggestions to improve the quality of these videos, both mathematically and technologically. Please indicate any errors I may have made so that I can correct them or at least indicate where they are in the video.

Finally, there are DVD sets of Calculus lessons out there as well as other videos you can find on YouTube or by searching. I am interested in knowing if you feel there is a reason for my producing more of these. I hope you enjoy it and, if it helps just one student feel a bit more comfortable with these topics, then it has been worth the effort!

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