Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Calculus Video: Optimization (Max-Min) - NEW Improved Version!

Well, I felt badly about that error I made in the original version from a few days ago (which will now be deleted). I also decided to change some portions, electing to solve for the critical values using algebra rather than by the graphing calculator. Finally, I took a tighter view of the whiteboard so that the writing will appear larger. There will be some glare on the board which I hope will not be too distracting. I hope you will find this more helpful and again I apologize for any confusion caused. If you stored the original video, I would ask you to delete that.


The problem in the video below demonstrates important concepts as well as the standard procedure for solving optimization problems. There is also a brief discussion of a heuristic I have found very useful when teaching these kinds of applications. As always I depend on you to share your thoughts. I keep saying this knowing there might not be too many comments!


Watch Math said...

Hi, just want you to give a feedback.
I think the video is too small so the writing is ineligible.
About the content, I think this is a good opportunity to use the argument that the x that minimize L is the same x that minimize L^2.

Dave Marain said...

Watch Math - I agree with both of your comments and I appreciate the feedback. The original video used the L^2 argument. I decided to change it for the revision but i should have mentioned this important aspect.

The writing is definitely too small. I probably need to just focus on the board and magnify the writing.

Beyond this, were the explanations clear, was the style non-threatening, were the methods sound, etc? I'm trying to combine rigor with clarity appealing to both the honors level as well as the regular calculus student. This may not be possible but I believe it's worth the effort.

I appreciate your comments. I will try to improve upon it next time. Do you think I should simply put these on YouTube rather than a math blog?

Anonymous said...
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