Friday, March 9, 2007

A Pi Day Scavenger Hunt

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Note: This link will get you to all of the Pi Day posts/activities on MathNotations.

Here's an idea from one of the outstanding teachers in my department. We will be implementing it on Pi Day this year. Students have been notified in their math classes and on the PA of the following:
On 3-14, there will be questions about various historical decimal approximations to pi posted around the building. Students will have to find these questions, determine the answers and submit their results by the end of the day. In case of many ties, there will be a drawing to determine who wins the free Pizza Pi certificates! We will raise money for the prizes by baking pies and selling them on Mon and Tue in our cafeteria. We are using a wonderful book about Pi for our source of these approximations but I won't mention it yet in case some of our students are visiting this blog (I don't keep it a secret!). I might be slightly off in some of the details but you got the idea.

I've noted that many visitors to this blog are searching for engaging pi day activities. There are many out there already but educators are always looking for fresh ideas. It would be great if you could share these...

By the way, the Pi Activity worksheet I posted yesterday worked fairly well. Once the students got into it, they seemed to enjoy it. Read the comments regarding how they searched for the mathematicians whose birthdays were given. Interesting stuff regarding how some students know how to use 'refined search' techniques in Google but many don't.

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