Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Collection of Pi Poems...

Here are some Pi Poems from our students. They’re not ready for publication yet, but our teachers enjoyed these. I’ve removed their names of course. If you have student work you’d like to share, pls do so!

See Eric Jablow's comment on previous post for a very clever one!

How I love a sweet chocolate pi Sunday after noon =

It's a pain I wasn't competent at ratios, sines, and

Now I want a puppy, dalmation, or poodle that's cute.

How I love a tasty delicious pi! Eating apple pie feels
dynamite, fantastic, perfect, excellent, and so fun! =

Now I know a great geologist on planet Earth.

How I wish I could regularly be around great math!

This one unfortunately has an error in one of
the digits but I thought it was a really great effort
Pie I like a peach blueberry or banana cream and lemon
meringue rasberry rhubarb mincemeat pie in sky apple ala
mode cherry or humble mud or pumpkin chocolate pecan oh
ruin your appetite

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