Thursday, March 22, 2007

Daniel E. Richman - Recipient of DOE 2007 National Undergraduate Fellowship Award

It is my great pleasure to announce that Daniel, one of my former students, has been selected to be a recipient of the 2007 National Undergraduate Fellowship Program for summer 2007.

Daniel was an outstanding student in my BC Calculus class 3 years ago. It was obvious to me then that he was unique among his very talented peers. Even then I recognized that he was a deep conceptual thinker who wanted to understand the why as much as the how. His maturity of mind was extraordinary. Further he is a profoundly moral young man of outstanding character. Daniel is a junior at the University of Rochester. Congratulations, Daniel, to you and your wonderful family.

The following are excerpts from the article on the website.

The National Undergraduate Fellowship Program in Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy Sciences provides outstanding undergraduates with an opportunity to conduct research in the disciplines that comprise the plasma sciences in general and fusion research in particular.

The program is intended primarily for students completing their junior year majoring in physics or engineering, but highly motivated students completing their sophomore year are encouraged to apply as well. The nine-week long research projects are performed at one of the many participating universities and national laboratories throughout the country. The goal of the Program is to stimulate students' interest in the fields relevant to fusion research while providing capable assistants for fusion research projects. In order that the students obtain a sufficient background to begin their research projects, the nine week project is preceded by a one week introductory course at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory in the basic elements of plasma physics, after which the students travel to the sites of their research projects.

The Program is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Fusion Energy Sciences.

Both Sam and Daniel were selected from the "largest number of applicants in the program's history", according to James Morgan, NUF Program Leader. Sam will be joined by other awarded recipients from around the country.

Daniel will spend the summer at the MIT Plasma Science & Fusion Center. The experience also includes spending the first week of the summer program at Princeton University taking a course in introductory plasma physics.

Daniel E. Richman,class of 2008,is studying towards a BS in Physics, a BA in Mathematics and a BA in Music.

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