Friday, June 11, 2010

SAT Videos: Twitter Problems of the Day 6-9 and 6-10-10

As we wind down toward the summer my SAT Problems and Videos continue to pick up steam! Below is the latest video from you YouTube channel, MathNotationsVids. I want to thank those who voted in my survey of these videos. I am gratified but I really need more specific suggestions on how to improve these. Your comments on YouTube or here are welcome!

Note: Because I am explaining two problems on one video, I am omitting details and multiple solution paths. Therefore these videos may be useful for your students who want to practice over the summer or revisit in the fall. 

The percent increase problem could be asked in a variety of ways and demonstrated using multiple representations, aka The Rule of Four.  The visualization suggested in the description of the video has students physically demonstrating that doubling the edges of a rectangular solid, a cube in this case, will allow placing not only the original box inside of the bigger box, but SEVEN MORE! There's your percent increase, hands on!

I will be stopping the posted SAT Problem on Twitter on Tue 6-15-10. If I am able to sustain it, I will try to keep this up for the entire 2010-11 school year but who knows...

Finally, as posted on Twitter, I will be offering an individual or small group online course (using Skype) for the SAT or ACT Math this summer on a very limited basis. If you know of any student who might benefit from individualized instruction just email me at and I will provide details. This must be done ASAP however, as I will be closing this out very quickly.

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Vidal Aponte said...


Your video was awesome, and you are so right that this information would be excellent for students to study over the summer to prepare for the SAT's. We need more websites like yours that dedicates itself for math topics, because math is so important. Students have to realize that almost every job involves some type of math so if they want a really good job when they finish school it is essential that they learn math.

Dave Marain said...

Thank you, Vidal. I hope to do more of these.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for creating these videos. As someone who deals with similar content, I know it can be difficult to get your point across clearly and informatively.

Really great!