Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th! SAT Problems on Twitter, SAT Math Quiz Book, Updates?

Well, let's see...
I haven't posted in almost a month, I haven't been promoting our wonderful Math Carnivals, I haven't brought you any updates or controversial material, I haven't produced any new and exciting videos,...

So what have I been doing? Enjoying the heat wave here in the Northeast?

1.  Finishing up my SAT Math Quiz Book Volume One which will hopefully be done before the world ends in 2012. I haven't decided yet how I will make these available to my readers or schools or students or whomever but that will all be worked out. One possibility is to send the book electronically upon payment.

2. Continuing to post a Twitter SAT Problem of the Day despite the fact that I said I would take a respite for the summer. Further, many of these problems will appear in the Quiz Book. Can't stop writing these -- please help me!  These problems also appear in the right sidebar of this blog but they may be truncated. If you only get the feed for this blog then you may want to subscribe to the RSS feed for my Twitter posts.

3. Exciting new trends in math education? Actually other than states racing to the top and continued movement toward standardization of math curriculum, it's really the same old, same old. Technology will always evolve and influence math education -- that's a given -- however the nuts and bolts of what makes for effective math teaching, well, that's still the ten trillion dollar question and that's still the reason for this blog.

Stay tuned and enjoy the summer hiatus!


"All Truth passes through Three Stages: First, it is Ridiculed... Second, it is Violently Opposed... Third, it is Accepted as being Self-Evident." - Arthur Schopenhauer (1778-1860) You've got to be taught To hate and fear, You've got to be taught From year to year, It's got to be drummed In your dear little ear You've got to be carefully taught. --from South Pacific

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Garret said...

I just started to follow your blog and twitter account. Are you a math teacher?

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