Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Update: I decided to delete the Math Problem of the Day for Wed 3-4-09 as I felt it was inappropriate for our younger viewers. Hopefully this was an aberration. Now you're probably all wondering what it said (except for those in other countries who already viewed it!!).

Check out the sidebar as I experiment with some new features

  • My Personal Thoughts on Education
    My own reflections - I'll change these every few days

  • Math Problem of the Day
    Many of you have been commenting on these. Exceptional open-ended problems with solutions for the secondary student. Most require extensive work to be shown and/or justification.

  • Amazing Fraction-Decimal Calculator
    You and your students will be mesmerized by the capabilities of this software. Wonderful for discoveries of patterns, development of conceptual understanding of repeating decimals, etc.

  • Free Daily Kakuro Puzzles - a link
    For me, these are far more addictive than Sudoku. Further your students will be practicing both their addition and logic skills!

  • Aristotle Quote of the Day - from the consummate logician/philosopher

  • MathNEXUS Portal
    As I've mentioned often, this website is one of the best compilations of resources for math teachers and is updated weekly - an online journal!
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Anonymous said...

Your equation editor is jammed all the way down at the bottom.... it took real scrolling to get there.


Dave Marain said...

I've intentionally avoided mentioning that feature to see if anyone ever scrolls down to the bottom!

I was hoping you'd assess the new features I did mention rather than the one I ignored...

I should also have commented on the new look of your blog. I really like it - improved readability overall and aesthetically pleasing (loved the 3 columns). Wordpress offers so many more options than Blogger.

BTW, I had to scroll down pretty far to see your Blogroll although not nearly as far as one needs to go to get to my Eqn Editor!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the feedback. I only got a few negatives, but they are serious, so I will pick something else...


Anonymous said...

I think that a more simple solution to the Math Problem of the Day 3/11/09 (Dodecagon and Square) is this:
The area of the dodecagon is 3R^2
AE is the square of the equilateral triangle inscribed in the same circle as the dodecagon. Thus, its length is 2Rcos(pi/3) = Rsqrt(3). The area of a square with side Rsqrt(3) is 3R^2, which is the same as the area of the dodecagon.


Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry. I meant "AE is the SIDE of the equilateral triangle AEI..."