Sunday, August 3, 2008


Clues revealed....
(1) When a student at the University of Gottingen, Ore learned Emmy Noether's new approach to Abstract Algebra, which influenced his own work in the field. Later, he and Emmy collaborated.
(2) For his dedication to his native country of Norway, Ore was knighted (the 'SIR' reference).

Note: I highly doubt that I will be able to produce future anagrams with 2 or more embedded clues!

I chose Professor Ore for several reasons, not the least of which was his influence on me. Somewhere in my library I still have his classic Graphs and Their Uses, a wonderful monograph for young learners published back in the 60's by the New Mathematical Library (MAA). I would also highly recommend his Invitation to Number Theory from the same series.

Our winners for the July contest were

Eric Jablow

I vaguely remembered a mathematician with 'ore' and 'oy'. Then, I started guessing. 1. Øystein Ore 2. The only things I know about him are from his Wikipedia article. You don't need me for that. 2.5. He was decorated as a Knight of St. Olav. He worked with Emmy Noether. 3.Øystein_Ore

Kevin Cheslack-Postava

Dear Dave: Oystein Ore. Imbedded clue is E. Noet" Connection between the two: From the MacTutor history on Ore: "...he spent time at Göttingen University where he was influenced by Emmy Noether finding her new approach to algebra particularly exciting... In 1930 the Collected Works of Richard Dedekind were published in three volumes, jointly edited by Ore and Emmy Noether. " I remember Ore's high school level book on graph theory from my youth - very clear exposition.

Paul Miller

(1) The name of the mathematician: Oystein Ore
(2) Some interesting info/anecdotes re said person: Collaborated w/ Emmy Noether, was knighted

Paul discovered the two clues in the anagram -- congratulations! Ironically, he apologized for not discovering additional "code"!

I'm putting the finishing touches on our August MathAnagram. Should be up in a couple of days or sooner...

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