Friday, October 12, 2007

Stay Tuned... Interview with Alec Klein to appear in a few days

Alec Klein, author of A Class Apart, was interviewed by MathNotations at 2 PM today, 10-12-07. I am very grateful to Alec for staying on the phone with me for over an hour, answering questions about his book and commenting on some of the issues of gifted education. It will take me a few days to sort out all of Alec's responses and to have Alec read it over for accuracy.

Alec is a wonderful writer who has penned a compelling story about the students and teachers at Stuyvesant HS in NYC, a specialized school for students who have exceptional talents in math and science. Only 3% of the students pass the entrance exam, making it as competitive as any Ivy League school. Alec accurately and thoroughly presented both sides of the picture -- the positives of an extraordinary school that develops the talents of these unique students and the negatives of a pressurized environment in which some parents want to know why their children only scored a 97 on an exam. Of course, these talented students are also experiencing all of the joys of adolescence that make us look upon those years with such fondness and for which we yearn to relive each precious moment!

For more background, read the preview of this interview I posted a few days ago.


Sol said...


I'm looking forward to the interview.

I grew up in NYC, lived 10 blocks from Stuyvesant HS and, because I wanted to be just like my big brother, I ended up going to The Bronx High School of Science. That ended up being an hour's commute each way.

I've always loved Math. In junior high school and in high school I had awesome Math teachers who instilled a passion for Math in me that is very much alive to this day. To the end of sharing my passion for all things Math I've started my own blog: I would appreciate input from anyone who cares to review my blog.

Sol Lederman

Dave Marain said...

I apologize for not repsonding sooner. I got so caught up in the interview that I forgot to reply to you - bad on my part. I hope you enjoy the interview and I encourage you to share your reflections in the comments.

Best of luck to you on your new blog. The way to get known is to have interesting content and make comments on others' blogs as you're doing. Internet 'word of mouth' spreads exponentially as you know! As soon as I have a moment to catch my breath, I plan on visiting your 'wild' site!