Saturday, October 6, 2007

CoM 18th Edition -Sooo big, Sooo good!

Enjoy the 18th CoM at jd2718. Jonathan has put together a delectable sampling of over 50 outstanding posts from a wide variety of math blogs:
Research Level - 9; Other Campus (politics, teaching) - 6; HS level - 6; Recreational (any level) - 8; Elementary - 6; Math Ed in general - 5; Modeling/economics - 3; Computer Science - 4; Humor - 3; History - 2. They come from: Greater NY - 5; Midwest - 7; California - 7; New England - 4; Mid-Atlantic - 3; Unknown US - 9; Canada - 1; Britain - 5; Other Europe - 3; Australia/NZ - 2; No idea - 3

Congratulations, Jonathan, for a Marathon of Math!
Look ahead to the next edition over at Good Math, Bad Math.


jonathan said...

Thanks Dave.

Week by week it looks like there is more discussion going on in this place... I hope a few more people can find their way there through the carnival, and participate in these rich discussions.


Anonymous said...

hii mr. marain! its kimmy from freshman year! i dont no if you remember me but i decided that i wanted to say hi! because mr. barber just reminded me that you had this website and i remember that you mentioned it freshman year.

Dave Marain said...

Of course I remember you, Kelly and the 'gang'! Rather than post on my blog (really meant for educators), pls email me at dmarain at gmail dot com. I'd really like to hear how everyone is doing!
Mr. M