Friday, July 6, 2007

7-7-07: Your Lucky Day?

Of course, July 7th, 2077 or 7-7-77 will be fun too for those around to enjoy it 70 years from now!

Now you all know the story of the inveterate gambler who waited until the 7th day of the 7th month to bet $777 on horse #7 in the 7th race at 7-1 odds. Of course, the horse finished 7th! Sorry, I couldn't resist telling this groaner...


Jackie said...

Groaning!!! Which doesn't mean I won't be telling this to others today.

Eric Jablow said...

Mathematics doesn't have many jokes, though it has one notable dirty one. I won't be telling it here. Usually they'e groners like:

Q. What's yellow and equivalent to the axiom of choice?

A. Zorn's Lemon.

I came up with one a while back:

Q. When the bases are loaded and no one is out, what PDE must the pitcher attempt to solve?

A. The KDP Equation.

Dave Marain said...

With a double play like that - You win!

Eric Jablow said...

I came up with that one at a conference where there were a lot of discussions on the Korteweg-deVries Equation:

u_t + u_{xxx} − 6uu_x = 0.

As the name is a mouthful, it is usually abbreviated as KdV. The two people I told that to were suitably appalled; they were both baseball fans and good researchers..

Totally_clueless said...

On a topical note, we now have an Abelian president.

There is, if course, the evergreen saga of Polly Nomial at

Some limericks (none original):

We begin with Euclid, a Greek
In theorems he was wont to speak
What he could not prove
He did eschew
Adding QED, Latin, not Greek

Pythogoras knew everything about squares
For this reason he gave himself airs
If only he knew
Of sin(p) and cos(q)
And complex roots occurring in pairs.

When Hamilton went to Hell
The devils began to yell
And threw him out quick
Before they got sick
Of his incessant lectures on 'Del'.

Laplace, in a similar plight
Got out of that joint quite light.
For his inverse transform
Made Hades so warm
That the devils threw him out in a fright

But Newton had no such luck
His equations of motion got stuck
When an apple fell down
And fractured his crown
And made the poor chap run amuck.

mathmom said...

I know several (bad) math jokes. Here's my favorite:

An Indian chief had 3 squaws. They were all pregnant. For his first squaw, he went out and killed a buffalo, and brought her the hide to rest on. The second squaw he brought a bear hide. But the third squaw he brought a rare hippopotamus hide.

Soon it was time for the babies to be born, and the first squaw gave birth to a little girl. The second gave birth to a little boy. But the third gave birth to twins: one boy and one girl.

So we can see that the progeny produced by the squaw on the hippopotamus is equal to the sum of the squaws on the other two hides.

Dave Marain said...

hey folks--
I'm beginning to regret starting this thread! I've heard of most of these but they're always worth repeating for the uninitiated.

My brain is malfunctioning! Is 'abelian' meant to connote he's a 'commuter' president (between 'White Houses') or is this just a play on words for 'a billion'?

Totally_clueless said...


He recently commuted something. That was the context, the clue was 'topical', i.e., in the news.


Jackie said...

Why did I read the rest of these comments?

By the way, did you hear the one about...

Eric Jablow said...

And then, there was the snake who was challenged to multiply 734 by 812. Snakes don't have much of a brain, so the snake had a bit of a problem. Then, he had a brainstorm; he climbed onto a picnic table, and solved the problem.

He was an adder, you see…

TBone30 said...

Why is 6 afraid of 7? Cause 7 eight 9.