Friday, July 13, 2007

The 12th Carnival of Math on Friday the 13th!

Of course, there would be more harmony in the universe if this had been the 13th Carnival but enjoy the 12th Carnival nevertheless over at Vedic's Math Forum.
Vedic has selected an interesting assortment of posts covering a broad range of math. For example, Knot Homology in Algebraic Topology, Key Concepts in PerCents, Math Mnemonics, Observing Objects Near the Speed of Light, Sudoku and Graph Theory, An Interesting Way to Calculate the Square Root of 2, a discussion about finding Next Gen Math Teachers and a couple of recent posts from this blog. Enjoy! A great way to beat the summer doldrums!

The next Carnival (#13!) will be hosted on 7-27 over at Polymathematics.

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