Wednesday, April 15, 2009

MathNotations Second Math Contest (FREE) Announced!

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Have you heard the very sad "fractioned" fairy tale?
Six out of seven dwarfs are not 'happy.'

Announcing MathNotation's Second Free "Online" Team Math Contest!

If interested in participating, please send an email as soon as possible to "dmarain at gmail dot com." I will then email a registration form. Your initial email expresses only your interest. You are under no obligation.

There will be several changes from the first contest.

1) Team advisers may administer the contest at any time during the week of May 18th-22nd.
2) Advisers must email the registration form no later than Fri 5-15-09.
3) The contest is designed for secondary students who have completed Algebra 2. Some trigonometry may be necessary. I would not recommend middle schoolers take the contest unless they have completed or are completing Algebra 2.
4) Questions include topics from geometry, algebra, trigonometry, discrete math, etc. No calculus...
5) Teams must consist of from two to six members. Homeschooling and international teams are welcome!

For more details, click Read more.

Questions types include
(a) Short constructed response (students enter only numerical answers)
(b) Open-ended requiring detailed work and explanations
(c) Multi-part questions


1) Team members must complete the contest within 45 minutes on the same day.
2) Advisers must email the official answer form the same day the contest is administered. Scanned solutions will be accepted.
3) Any scientific or graphing calculator is allowed.

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