Wednesday, December 31, 2008

'CHARMED ERA' = RADEMACHER - Our MathAnagram finally revealed!

Well, it's been up there in the sidebar for 3 months and I'm sure it's been long forgotten, but we do have a winner of our contest.

Hans Rademacher was one of the most brilliant and prolific mathematicians of the 20th century. His research had broad scope from mathematical analysis to number theory including such diverse areas as analytic number theory, theory of partitions, Dedekind sums, quantum theory and mathematical genetics! Perhaps, even more significantly, Prof. Rademacher was deeply respected by his colleagues and students at the U. of Pennsylvania and known for his kindness and "charm!"

And our winner is...


Here was Sean's contribution:

(1) Hans Rademacher (I'm assuming you want the one born in 1892)
(2) (a)Is a direct mathematical descendant of Klein and Lindemann
(b)Developed a system of orthogonal functions called Rademacher functions. Before it's publication he had expanded this to a system of orthonormals, but was advised not to publish it.
(3) (a)

I wil leave Prof. Rademacher's image in the sidebar for awhile. Keep looking for our first MathAnagram of 2009!


Michael Lugo said...

I will add that the UPenn math department's main server (for e-mail, file storage, etc.) is So in a strange way Rademacher lives on.

Dave Marain said...

Michael (and, BTW, your blog is the 'best' to which 1400 subscribers would attest!),
Thanks for that info. I know Hans was held in the highest regard at U Penn. From Wikipedia:

"With his retirement from the University of Pennsylvania, a group of mathematicians provided the seed funding for The Hans A. Rademacher Instructorships."
That says it all for me...

Good luck with your research at Penn. Did you ever use any of Rademacher's texts?