Monday, July 16, 2007

Oh No! - Not More Corny Math Jokes!

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I can't believe I'm sinking to these depths but it is summer and this may be the time for silliness. Two of my students shared the first couple (I'm doing it from memory so they're not exactly the originals) and the third I saw somewhere in my travels across the web (I forget the site to give proper attribution):

1. Who designed King Arthur's RoundTable?
Sir Cumference, of course. (ugh, groan,...)

2. What did pi say to i?
Get real!

3. Number two said to number three: "Boy, number 6 is really bad news. He's always in trouble."
Number three replied, "What do you expect. He's a product of our times!"

Ok, let me have it!


mathmom said...

There's a series of children's books about Sir Cumference and his adventures, starting with "the first round table". Here's a link to the first one on Amazon.

Dave Marain said...

I knew that sounded familiar! Thanks mathmom. If anyone would know about this, you would!

Anonymous said...

Q. What's purple and commutes?

A. An Abelian grape.

sj said...

i like #3