Friday, January 5, 2007

Odds and Evens...

The WaPo recognition (one of their top 10 edublogs) has certainly put this blog on the map and I see I'm being cross-referenced by many outstanding blogs. I will add these to my roll once I get more in tune with the procedures of blogging. Remember, it's hard to teach an 'old dog ...'

Several have noted that my posts seem to be going off in many different directions and that I haven't yet chosen an identity. Absolutely and by intent! Math ed is my main passion but as I am wiping the nose of my 11-month old foster baby at this moment, and getting ready to wake up the 10, 13, and 14-year olds (my 18 yr old is like me, she gets up by herself), I realize that my interests in education will always transcend the best way to introduce quadratic functions!

The best part of what Jay Mathews did for me was to open up my eyes to the hidden talents and unique perspectives of so many in the edublogosphere (or whatever the jargon is!). To those who have recommended this blog as provocative, honest and worth a quick read, I am indebted and will return the favor. Just give me a little time! BTW, I'm not going out of my way to foment anything, I'm simply committed to calling the shots as I see them after 35 yrs in public education -- let the chips fall where they may. [My district has been very supportive of my efforts!]. I've seen every possible experiment in education and while I've survived, I wonder about the generations of children who were the subjects of these experiments. I guess they've survived too and some are now blogging like mad to tell the truth as they see it too!

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