Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Implement The Core:9 rolls of quarters,40 quarters per roll


#CCSS #Grade3-6

9 rolls of quarters
40 quarters in a roll
Total Value?

Sample Student Solutions/Approaches


Student 2
9×40 quarters=9×(10×4) quarters=
90×(4 quarters)=90×$1=$90

1) Which approach is more likely to be used by a 4th grader? 5th? 6th?

2) Which method is more commonly demonstrated in the text or by the teacher?

3) How do you get Student 1 to include UNITS/LABELS like
9 rolls × 40 quarters/roll × $0.25 etc???

4) How many children in Grades 3-6 intuitively use 2nd approach and can solve it mentally?

Of course no one out there is thinking:

"Well those are the 'smart' kids. We don't even have to teach them a method. Besides, their way of thinking is just not accessible to the rest of the group and would only confuse them. So I wouldn't even bring it up..."


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