Thursday, November 28, 2013

Turkey Day stuffing recipe...Have to double 3/4 cup...Three coins...

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah to all out there in cyberspace! The confluence of these two holidays provides plenty of grist for a math blogger but I'm not going there today...

Silly title, perhaps, but to all the experts who will tell us that money is the root of all evil when teaching fraction concepts/skills, uh whatever...

Are there any adults out there who don't want to mess up that Turkey Day recipe and will ask the 'math expert' in the family to verify what doubling three-fourths is?

Three-fourths cup...three quarters...75 cents...double...$1.50...1.5...1 1/2 cups

But, Dave, this won't work for multiplying 5/7 by 2 so this is worthless...

To quote a certain ad,
"Hey, if it works, it's not crazy!"

Seriously, from my perspective, money is as "real" as it gets. A child can be guided to discover the algorithm for multiplying a fraction by a whole number in an endless variety of ways ---
Concrete objects
Fraction pieces and all those other manipulatives
Bar models
Simple numerical patterns

But I wouldn't be afraid to use money! Imagine making connections...

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