Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WHAT IS MathNotations -- my annual rant...

The Circle Paradox Revisited seems to be provoking some interest however I have to remind my readers that the main purpose of this blog continues to be


I know that we all enjoy "solving the problem" but the Circle Paradox is not all that challenging and should prove straightforward for math teachers and mathphiles in general.

To clarify: My intent is to 

Generate dialog about how to effectively use non-routine problems in the classroom to enhance student thinking! 

WHY is it empowering for students when we encourage several approaches and not force feed our method or way of thinking?

IMO, the surest way to turn off students' minds is to "do it for them" or not allowing them the time to struggle.

Judicious guidance and applying "less is more" is, for me, the hallmark of the master teacher. I'm retired and I'm still learning how to do this with my grandkids!

For some reason, this intent has not taken hold in the six-year existence of this blog. When I try to shift the focus to how to use these problems with students, it is generally ignored. "Instructional strategies, Dave? Who cares!" 
Uh, I care...

Enough of my rant for now...

Oh, yes, hypocritically, I am reminding my readers that the deadline for submitting a solution is Fri 2-8-13, 12 noon EST. Of course, I'm hoping that your solutions are coming from your students!

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