Monday, September 3, 2012

Almost-National Math Curriculum... Should I Feel Vindicated?

Excerpt from my local paper, The Record, 9-3-12

For the first time there is broad national consensus on the most necessary skills, so a third grader in Paramus and his camp buddy in Peoria will face roughly the same expectations when they walk back through the school doors this week.

"It's almost the entire country coming to an agreement about what kids should learn." Many parents in affluent suburbs might assume that widespread worries about weaknesses in the American education system relate to poverty and think their own kids' schools are doing just fine but this shift aims to raise the bar for everybody. Some studies for example conclude that even advantaged U.S. children with college educated parents can barely compete internationally in math.

How long have I waited to read these words?
How long have I been advocating this and supporting Prof. Wm. Schmidt's recommendations?
How many of my blog posts have been dedicated to this topic in the past 6 years?
How many of you supported me? Opposed me? Argued that this will never happen?

So do I feel vindicated?  I'll let my readers guess!

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