Friday, June 8, 2007

Carnival of Math Edition X Coming on June 15th

Reading Carnival of Math #9 over at jd2718 has been a uniquely lexicographical experience! I am not that creative! For an excellent synopsis of all previous Carnivals of Math, visit the Mathematics Weblog.

Invitations are now open for you to submit 2 or 3 of your favorite posts from the past few weeks either by:
(1) Emailing me at dmarain at gmail dotcom (spelled out to discourage those mean little spam robots)
(2) Filling out the blog carnival form

Those of you who have had the opportunity to visit this blog know that I am an educator (soon to be retired) who is deeply committed to developing conceptual understanding of mathematics in our K-14 students (I've been in classrooms at all these levels in my career) and challenging our students to delve beneath the surface of this beautiful subject. While I invite technical math bloggers to contribute, I particularly welcome submissions from like-minded educators who are trying to shine a light on the vast darkness of education. If only Escalante had a blog...

If emailing pls include the exact phrase Carnival of Math Submission in the subject line.
Also, to do justice to each of your posts I would greatly appreciate some personal background and a description of each submission including
(a) a brief overview of the mathematical content, particularly if highly technical or advanced
(b) your general target audience (e.g., "This posting was designed for ...")
(c) Your name (optional of course, but it adds a personal touch when I refer to you as Evelyn over at...)
(d) From where did your passion for math originate? (Mine came from my dad and a book by Ivan Niven that my mom bought for me as a teenager). Also, what part of mathematics do you enjoy teaching or pursuing the most. (For me, it's number theory and developing problem-solving strategies and enrichment activities in math).

PLS TRY TO SUBMIT YOUR LINKS BY WED JUNE 13TH. As those in education know, at this time of the school year, there is a time crunch. I'll do my best to include all of your submissions but I will definitely include all who meet the above deadline. Also, feel free to provide links to other of your favorite math blogs (in the email). Many excellent math bloggers may not even be aware of the Carnivals. This will also help me if there is a low number of submissions at this time of the year.

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