Thursday, February 8, 2007

Update on National Math Panel and the Real Issues

Day 9 - still awaiting reponse from the National Math Panel...
I absolutely believe individuals from the Panel's administration have assessed my credibility and are judging whether it is worth their effort to reply to me! Again, your emails to Mr. Flawn will influence this. At this point, they see no need to respond...

Folks, again I ask you to send an email to Mr. Flawn the Executive Director, if you believe, as I do, that the panel must include at least one mathematics teacher from Grades 9-12. Even though the Executive Order called for no more than 30 members, an individual could still be included in an advisory capacity providing direct input to the members. Also I urge you to download and read some of the compelling e-mail statements coming from concerned citizens. These were not available a few months ago, but they are now. How much influence they will have on the panel is another question of course.

The most important product that could be produced by this panel will not be a determination of whether Direct Instruction is superior to Constructivism.
It will be the identification of the most important math concepts and skills to which ALL children should be exposed at each grade level or course. This would be an extraordinary achievement when you consider that, currently, there are discrepancies in content between classrooms in the same district, between districts in the same county, between counties in the same state and so on. This is of course an oversimplification of the changes needed for our children to develop proficiency in the Fundamentals of Mathematics that will enable them to compete in this century. The whole issue of what defines mastery is a critical piece, tied to assessment and accountability. BUT FIRST WE MUST AGREE ON WHAT MATHEMATICS CHILDREN SHOULD BE MASTERING!

Once again, this is truly the PROBLEM OF THE DAY. Are you prepared to be part of the solution?

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