Monday, December 25, 2006

An Angry Reponse to rightwingprof et al on edspresso

The following was posted as a comment on edspresso's 'having a laugh'link:

Why the mean-spirited ad hominem arguments? There's enough vitriol to go around to poison any meaningful debate but I'll take the high road. The real issues are not political. While all the 'experts' and amateurs bluster to hear themselves heard and gain their 15 minutes of fame, the true victims of this rhetoric are our most precious national commodity.

Let's decide on a set of skills and concepts to which ALL children must be exposed and get on with it. Those who have been on the front lines as long as I have know what works for children and what they need. They also know everyone else out there are phonies looking to make a name for themselves and cash in on the MathWars, whose only real casualties are another generation of children. Children are being taught to look for the ''easy way', for the 'short-cuts to learning'.

If you folks just don't get it, then get the **** out of the way. There will be a revolt and the charlatans and hypocrites ON BOTH SIDES who have perpetrated this mess we're in will be trampled upon and left in the dust. HOW DARE THESE PHONIES TAMPER WITH MY CHILDREN'S EDUCATION!

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